About Us

We built our reputation on providing vigorous and effective representation to those who fall victim to the negligent and fraudulent actions of financial advisors and investment firms. We assist clients in a cost-effective manner.

It is important to find someone you can trust. This is especially true for cases involving your finances. Our expertise and legal ability are proven tools for injury victims to get the compensation they deserve. Our compassionate service and professional manner in handling your case are present throughout your relationship with. We get to know our clients and inform them about options.

We are straightforward and up front about your options and possibilities in negotiation. The only way to run a successful law firm that pleases its clients is with candor and integrity.


Our Advocates

Alan Shaw

Mr. Alan Shaw is a partner and has over 25 years experience. His experience spans mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financing, private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds and pension funds. He has had significant experience in dealing with the recovery of investment losses due to public companies being delisted or going bankrupt. Alan serves in a number of charitable organizations.

Mr. Shaw has also studied accounting and securities law allowing him to interpret financial statement to assess if fraud has occurred. In addition to being a recognized advocate Alan is a tax specialist.

David Shaw

Mr. David Shaw is a founding partner of the firm. He has significant experience in the allocation of credit risk in the fixed income markets, therefore this experience allows him to specialize in this area where fraudulent cases have occurred. He has worked with investment banks, hedge funds and broker dealers and has a vast knowledge in the area of financial transactions allowing him to see through transactions that appear to be on the up and up but are in fact fraudulent. He regularly advises clients participation in the market for troubled and non-performing financial assets and claims.

His knowledge of compliance and regulatory guidelines allows him to maximize the recovery for clients who have suffered investment losses. He has helped settle claims against the three largest insolvent Icelandic banks.