Brokerage Firms

Our law firm represents institutional and individual investors globally in claims against financial and securities brokerage firms.

Since 1990, Shaw, Edwards, Emmerson, & Knight LTD LLP has represented thousands of institutional and individual investors globally in claims against hundreds of financial firms. Our attorneys, staff and consultants have over 100 years of combined legal experience and, collectively, also worked more than 100 years in the securities industry. We are therefore uniquely qualified to represent clients in all localities in claims against financial firms. For a free consultation to discuss whether we can assist you to recover investment losses, contact us.

On behalf of our clients, our lawyers have filed claims against financial firms for fraud, negligence and a variety of other wrongful actions. After an attorney has assessed a client's experiences at a financial firm and decided that action is warranted, a claim is then filed in arbitration or in court. Each lawyer has a team to work closely with our clients and guide them through the process.

Listed below are some of the hundreds of investment firms we have filed claims agianst on behalf of our clients.